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Friday, December 21, 2007

Video Trains the Internet Star

December 21, 2007

When the real estate market drops, brokerages are often forced to cut essential programs to balance their budget. Among these is training-the key to helping spawn an increase in real estate sales.

Real estate technology leader Delta Media Group is proactively helping brokerages provide these vital elements of their business by offering free training videos to subscribers.

Delta Media Group, a leader in real estate Web sites and lead management, now has a full-time video editor on staff, who will create video platforms dedicated to helping brokerages and agents maximize their online business and better position themselves in an increasingly competitive online real estate marketplace. Soon, Delta Media Group customers will be able to access training videos anywhere by logging in to their DeltaNet back office system.

"When the market turns, training is what drives sales. Unfortunately, that is one of the first budget cuts brokerages make," Delta Media Group president Mike Minard said.

"A Web site is like any tool--it must be proactively used and implemented in order to achieve the desired results, like increased sales and listings. Training is the only way this can be accomplished."

Adding a videographer is one of many steps Delta Media Group has recently taken to accommodate their growth. The Canton, Ohio based firm broke ground last week on a new 30,000 square foot headquarters that will house their corporate offices, as well as one of the state's largest and most advanced data hosting centers.

"Delta Media Group has continued to grow despite the current real estate market, and we are taking several steps to help our customers do the same," Minard said.

Delta Media Group builds real estate Web sites for over 275 brokerages and 30,000 agents across the nation. Since 1994 Delta Media Group has helped brokerages profit online.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Clicks and New Bricks • Delta Media Group Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Headquarters

Canton, Ohio-based Delta Media Group broke ground last week on their new headquarters, a state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot building complete with corporate offices and one of the state's most advanced data hosting centers.

Delta Media Group is a national leader in real estate technology that builds and hosts websites and online infrastructures for over 30,000 real estate agents in 46 states across the country.

"Our new headquarters is a direct result of the tremendous growth we've had over the years," Delta Media Group president Mike Minard said.

The building will implement state-of-the-art technological advantages that will help Delta Media Group support their past and future growth.

"We have been blessed with growth, and we are continuing to add infrastructure to support it," Minard said.

Ironically, Delta Media Group's growth has spawned from their passion to help real estate companies grow. Delta Media Group's real estate web applications are among the top tools in the industry to help real estate brokerages drive growth, both through sales and recruiting. Many Delta Media Group customers experience double-digit lead conversion ratios, and generate more gross commission income from their web system than any single sales office.

"We build a real estate marketing arm that can help drive business to brokerages, and that's essential in today's market," said Jonathan Blood, Vice President of Delta Media Group. "As more and more buyers are going online to find homes, Delta Media Group is maximizing ways to capture and incubate those buyers, and helping brokerages administrate that field of leads and analytics, converting more prospects to sales."

Delta Media Group's 7,000 square foot data hosting center will be among the largest and most advanced in Ohio. It will hold nearly 300 server cabinet enclosures, will have 640 megabits of available bandwidth upon opening, and will reach the same diversification level of the largest search engines in the world.

"We were frustrated with the lack of available data center resources in our market," Minard said. "With the data center we are building, we aim to attract other technology companies to the Canton/Akron marketplace, and provide current companies in the area an additional resource for their business."

Delta Media Group's building will be a Class A+ structure featuring an elegantly designed two-story atrium, skylights, 14-foot ceilings, advanced modern security systems, Level Seven diversification, and full 24/7/365 back-up power supported by multiple generators.

Delta Media Group has consistently remained one of the most influential technology companies in the real estate industry. The web developer is one of the largest aggregators of real estate listings in the nation, aggregating nearly three million property listings daily.

Delta Media Group hopes to move into the new building late 2008 to early 2009.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Maximizing Online Profits in a Sluggish Real Estate Market

In a sluggish real estate market, education is the best way to stay ahead of the pack.

That's why Delta Media Group, Inc. will be sponsoring "Jump-Start Your Online Profits," a series of educational forums for real estate brokers/owners at the NAR Realtors Conference and Expo Nov. 13-15 this year.

Debbie McClymont, manager of online services at Cutler Homes, will be holding eight educational forums at Delta Media Group's booth at NAR Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 13-15. Cutler Homes, a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, is among the largest 110 real estate brokerages in the United States in sales transactions, and a top performer in online business.

McClymont has helped Cutler Homes turn their real estate website into an online profit center, generating more leads than companies with several times more agents, and generating more GCI from web-based real estate transactions than any of their 15 offices. Broker/owner Jim Bray will also be in attendance to demonstrate his business model, and how it has helped Cutler Homes grow to facilitate one of the most profitable websites in real estate.

Brokers/owners who attend will receive a free USB flash drive, and will be eligible to win thousands of dollars in prizes.

Delta Media Group has created the nation's most profitable real estate web systems. Solutions include custom web design, IDX integration, robust lead management, interactive property search mapping, elaborate agent websites, and much more.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mobile Technology a Win-Win for Brokerages

Agents, customers prospering from mobile-enabled website, lead management systems

With the release of the iPhone has come the spotlight on the next generation of real estate home buyers - those searching for listings and information from their mobile phones.

While mobile phones might have an Internet browser that runs fractions of the speed of a computer, they allow customers to quickly access listing information from work, or while passing a "For Sale" sign in the yard of a house.

Every day, more companies are surfacing to develop technology so agent listings are viewable on mobile phones.

Delta Media Group has taken this a step further, building this service into their nation-leading real estate website and lead management systems free of charge, allowing customers to access sites via cell phone, and agents and brokerages to save the money and hassle of purchasing additional technology at a premium to cater to this demand.

All Delta Media Group websites are accessible via mobile cell phone browsers, allowing customers to search for properties from their cell phones, and agents to follow leads on theirs.

Customers can access Delta Media Group-built real estate websites, conduct detailed home searches, view high-res listing details and photos, review neighborhood and school information, and even submit leads to brokerage and agent websites directly from their cell phone.

Delta Media Group's nation-leading DeltaNet back-end lead management system is the most robust in the industry, allowing agents to follow their detailed leads and contacts database, the specs on listings that customers view and save, extensive property and website optimization, comprehensive stats and reports, customizable marketing materials, and more.

This entire system is accessible to brokers and agents via their cell phone browser, so agents never miss a customer. Lead notifications are instantly text messaged to agents, allowing them to respond to and capture potential customers in seconds, even while driving, or at a meeting or showing.

Delta Media Group's mobile browser has helped tens of thousands of agents produce the fastest response times and highest leads-to-closed sales ratios in the industry.

As the real estate market continues to grow more competitive and technological, Delta Media Group makes sure agents and brokerages have the competitive edge in the industry, with the fastest mobile real estate technology available.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Delta Media Group Reaches 2.7 Million Listing Mark

Delta Media Group, Inc. reached a tremendous milestone this week, aggregating over 2.7 million real estate listings daily.

Delta Media Group, the nation's leading real estate Web site developer, now works with around 215 MLS's in 46 states across the nation.

"This is a tremendous accomplishment for Delta Media Group in the real estate technology industry," Delta Media Group Vice President Jonathan Blood said. "We are very proud of being able to grow to aggregate this many listings in this short of time."

Delta Media Group lists all aggregated listings on their national IDX property search engine, launched in November as the nation's largest independent property search engine. Leads submitted from are automatically fed on rotation to the lead management system of the local brokerage using a Delta Media Group Web site.

On top of showing all local MLS listings, Delta Media Group customers offer the unique advantage of displaying the listings of all other Delta Media Group customers throughout the United States, building tremendous referral and national marketing potential.

Delta Media Group currently builds the Web sites and lead management systems for over 250 real estate brokerages and 30,000 agents across the nation. Delta Media Group builds one of the most powerful online business development software systems in the real estate industry. Customers using the Delta Media Group system average higher leads-per-agent and leads-to-closed-sales ratios.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Consumer Empowerment the Real Estate Key in 2007

As the Internet gives consumers more avenues to do their homework, brokerages and agents can cater to the trend

With each new year comes a new trend in the real estate industry. In 2006 the industry saw the rapid development of consumer-geared real estate tools like blogs and national IDX search engines like

As more generations use the Internet as the source of their research, and more consumers see the real estate industry as an investment opportunity, Delta Media Group is helping empower consumers with their real estate sales and investments.

Delta Media Group, the nation's leading real estate Web site and lead management systems developer, built Seller Reports as a tool to cater directly to consumers.

Seller Reports are available for each agent listing and, when turned on, automatically E-mail the listing customer the statistical results the listing has received on the agent or brokerage's Web site.

Seller Reports are easy for a brokerage or agent: simply turn it on, pick what day of the week the report will be generated, and let the system do the work! The customer will receive the reports weekly via E-mail, branded by the listing agent. The reports are beneficial for customers who eagerly anticipate the interest generated in their house, the amount of times it was shown, and use these categories to gauge things like if their price is right, or if they should add more photos or a virtual tour to the home to boost interest.

Delta Media Group is the first Web site developer to start the new year by catering to consumer empowerment. As the Internet has helped consumers conduct their own research without the help of a Realtor, Delta Media Group is helping Realtors empower what consumers are most interested in.

In November, Delta Media Group released, a national IDX search engine with over 2.2 millions listings. gives listings greater national exposure, and gives Delta Media Group customers a source to receive free Internet-generated leads from.

Mid-way through 2006, Delta Media Group boosted listing exposure even more by building feeds to automatically send brokerage and agent listings to national property search engines Trulia and Google Base. Trulia and Google Base are consumer-driven national property search engines that empower consumers to search for homes in their market or nationwide and further research factors important to consumers in purchasing a home.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Delta Media Group Partners with Leading RE

Delta Media Group, Inc. announced this week it has become a preferred provider with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, an international real estate network.

Delta Media Group, the nation's leading real estate website provider, powers the Web sites of many larger LeadingRE members, including McColly Real Estate, Cutler Homes, Zeitlin & Company, Realtors, Edward Surovell Realtors, Real Estate III, Cressy & Everett Real Estate, and others.

One of the services Delta Media Group will provide its LeadingRE customers as result of the partnership is data syndication to is a national property search that interlinks LeadingRE members around the world.

Delta Media Group also has available data feeds to automatically distribute customer listings to search engines Trulia and Google Base.

"We're very proud of this partnership," Delta Media Group Vice President Jonathan Blood said. "Leading Real Estate Companies of the World has positioned itself as the world's premier real estate network. Delta Media Group fits this mold as the world's premier real estate technology provider."

Delta Media Group builds profitable real estate Web sites and lead management systems to over 250 elite brokerages and 30,000 agents across the nation. The Canton, Ohio-based company recently announced another milestone in aggregating over 2.7 million listings daily.