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Thursday, July 16, 2009 releases 'America's Best Places to Live,' other real estate lists has been busy evaluating the housing market. The investment arm of the CNN news company recently released its list of "America's Best Places to Live" and a list of the 25 best places for affordable homes.

Louisville, Colorado was ranked the top place to live on the "America's Best Places to Live" top 100 list. Louisville is located 20 miles to the northwest of Denver, and about 10 miles southeast of Boulder, Colorado. Delta Media Group real estate website customers that serve the Louisville market include:

Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Ohio each had six towns on the "America's Best Places to Live" list, leading all other states. Washington, Wisconsin and Michigan each had five.

Topping the list of affordable homes is Duncanville, Texas, with a median home price of $99,648. Duncanville is located directly southwest of downtown Dallas. Delta Media Group real estate website customers that serve the Duncanville market include:

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