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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

July home sales drop 27 percent, but brokerages using SEO services see lead increases

As mentioned in this morning's blog post, existing home sales plunged by a staggering 27.2 percent in July, bringing the seasonally adjusted annual rate to 3.83 million units, down from 5.26 million in June.

The home sales decline is consistent with data Delta Media Group has seen among its more than 30,000 real estate agent websites and 300 real estate brokerage websites across the nation. Real estate leads began dropping off in late April and carried on through June as result of the homebuyer tax credit expiration. But leads began picking back up rapidly through late June and July and August for those brokerages using Delta Media Group's Real Estate Search Engine Optimization services.

Less than three weeks into August, one brokerage had already received double the amount of online leads as it did the entire month of June (before it went on Delta Media Group's SEO program).

Another brokerage had more portfolios created on its real estate website in July than ever before, and 55 percent more portfolios than its monthly average over the past two years. July was also the brokerage's second highest online lead month ever.

Even more impressively, a six-agent real estate brokerage also had more leads in July than ever before--115 leads, to be exact, to go along with its 113 portfolio creations in the same month.

These are only a few examples of the significant lead and portfolio increases Delta Media Group SEO customers saw despite July's 27 percent home sales decrease.

While July lead data doesn't always translate to July home sales data, it reflects an upward trend of what's to come for SEO customers. These same customers saw less of a downward impact when the homebuyer tax credit expired, and are currently out-prospering their competition for online market share as leads begin to recover following the tax credit hangover.

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